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Mike Darnell was born in 1981 and raised in the inner city communities of Greenville, SC.  As a teen he found himself  mixed up with drug dealing, gang affiliations and  living in a single parent home.  He seemed to be on the typical path of teens raised in single parent homes living in the inner cities... Until he met Jesus Christ and everything changed. He was restored by the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and given a vision to see people restored with new life no matter their situation!​

Mike is now a rising voice to the world, bringing the message of Jesus Christ to many nations and people across the globe. He has been used by God to speak to leaders, pastors and congregations of all ages, titles and nationalities in various places in the U.S. and many nations around the world. He is married to Ghilaine Darnell and they have two beautiful children named Neah Darnell and Michael Darnell Jr. (aka Mikey).  He is the Lead Pastor of Excel Church located in Atlanta Ga, and loves to see people's potential revealed and families restored for the glory of God.  He believes that God wants you to have LIFE 2 THE MAX!

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