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1. We Bring Love. We believe Love never fails.  God Loved us First, so we will do the same and make the First move. (1 Cor 13:8)
2. We Bring Honor.  Those above, below, and on our level will be honored as a valuable part of the body of Christ.  It is worth the extra effort to make people feel appreciated and needed. (Matt 10:40-42)
3. We Bring Excellence.  We go above and beyond the call of duty to be ready for anything.  We believe everything matters and the details make the difference. (Col 3:23)
4. We Bring Big Faith.  The God factor is on our side and we can accomplish anything.  We set Big Goals and attack them Boldly and watch God work.  (Matt 19:26)
5. We Bring Passion.  We Work Hard, having the time of our lives serving through His abilities working in us. (Prov 14:23)
6. We Bring Change.  We are fired up about every opportunity to serve and bring change in our world.  (Luke 14:23)
7. We Bring Generosity.  We are prepared to give.  We give first, We give often and we give generously through every area of our life understanding God's grace that abounds on our behalf.  (2 Cor 9:5-7)
8. We Bring Teamwork.  We are One.  No one is left alone to carry heavy loads.  We look for opportunities to serve and help each other accomplish a goal.  (1 Cor 1:10)
9. We Bring a Unified Vision.  Excel Church is built on the Vision given by God.  We are all on board and will fight to keep our Unity and protect Our Vision.  (Eph 4:3)
10. We Bring Focus.  We are gifted to do some things, but not everything.  We will remain focused on the things we can do well and embrace what that allows us to pursue.  (Rom 12:6)
11. We Bring It Up.  We share our faith, our story, and everything that is happening at Excel Church with everyone.  We always close the deal by inviting them to church with us.  We will help others encounter Jesus by any means necessary.  (John 4:39-4)
12. We Bring Gratitude.  What we get to do for the Lord is not normal and we refuse to take this for granted.  We remain Thankful for God's Favor on us.  (Eph 5:20)

(Matt 10:8) And everything We Bring we have been Given Freely by the Grace of God.
Freely we have received so Freely we give!

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